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Receive fully funded support staff with Kickstart for Schools

A new school recruitment initiative to expand capacity in your educational setting… and it’s FREE!

Kickstart is a £2 billion initiative designed to support young people aged 16-25 with entering the workplace. Providing six-month placements completely free of cost to the employer, the scheme allows young people to access valuable work experiences, as well as expanding capacity in your workplace.

Consider the possibilities of Kickstart for Schools: new LSAs to work with your most vulnerable pupils! New administrative assistants to support your school office team! New site staff to support your caretaking team! All at absolutely no cost to your school. At the end of the six months, you can choose to retain these young people as new (and, of course, fully trained and experienced) members of staff, or bid them farewell, safe in the knowledge that they have benefitted from the valuable experience of working in your school, just as you have benefitted from their additional support.

Do you have a question for our Kickstart team? We have answered your most frequently asked questions here. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us.

The role must be suitable for a young person aged 16-25 who is currently receiving Universal Credit

The role must be 25 hours per week, and will be paid at National Minimum Wage, fully reimbursed by the DWP

You must be confident that the role will provide valuable experience to the young person you employ

The role must not cause current employees to reduce hours or replace a recently redundant member of staff