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Why choose our Kickstart for Schools programme?

As the UK’s leading school improvement organisation, working with schools, academies and trusts in the UK and beyond, we are in a unique position to act as a DWP Gateway for the Kickstart programme. With our thorough understanding of how schools operate, we can ensure that we provide all Kickstart participants with the school-specific knowledge and understanding they will require to be a real asset to your school. For further information on TT Education as a company, please visit:

We are also well placed to ensure that the scheme runs smoothly from an administrative point of view. We are very used to working closely with schools and, of course, all the statutory employability training participants receive through the Kickstart scheme will be provided by us. However, we will actually go further than the DWP requirements and provide a suite of training courses specific to working in education. Schools are special places, with specific needs and requirements placed on those who work in them. We will ensure that all the young people placed with our schools are fully prepared to rise to the challenge.

£500 grant for each person you take on

Full cost of wages reimbursed by the DWP

Support from the School Improvement Provider of the Year

All employability training requirements covered

Additional school-specific training also provided

Give back to your community, while benefitting your school